Holistic Team Building Session - for Groups

Holistic Team Building Session - for Groups


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Trusting ourselves and trusting our colleagues is the essence of a healthy and successful team. I developed a holistic session of Yin Yoga, Meditation and Energy Work to bring Mind, Body and Soul in balance to open up for a better and healthier energy during work. We will manifest this energy, so that it stays inside.

During the Yin Yoga Session you learn how to let go to level stress how to not take everything too personal, but always keep your inner smile. Afterwards I will guide you through a meditation, in which you will experience what "Trust" really means. I incorporate some energy work to deepen your meditation and solve blockades, angers and fears within.  You feel united and empowered afterwards, a new feeling that stays.  Powerful as an individual and at the same time one with the group. 

The Session will be held in German or English. Duration: 45 Minutes-1h.
Up to 30  attendees.

After Your booking I will contact you within 24h to make an appointment. Just shop it like a normal product - you will get a confirmation via mail and we will plan all the details personally afterwards via mail or we can also set up a call.

If this offer doesn't suit you, please contact me via leonie@maati-maati.com for an individual concept for your company before booking.

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