The Oracle of Delphi Collection

Welcome to Delphi, where the Ancient Greeks relied on one woman’s Divine Visions in a men´s world. Ancient Greece was a world dominated by men. Men filled the highest positions in society, men fought on the battlefield and men ruled the mightiest empires. However, all these men, from the lowliest peasant to the emperor himself, leaders and kings sought the council and advice of one person – and that person was a woman. A connected, spiritual woman. Pythia - she was the one, who was connected with the Greek Gods, channeling messages and information from above. No important decision was made without her consultation, and so, for nearly a thousand years, the position of perhaps the greatest political and social influence in the ancient world was occupied by a spiritual woman.

So this is for you! An ode to all spiritual wonderful powerful babes out there. We created amulets, bracelets and colliers for you to channel your inner Goddess! Energized with divine vibes by half greek Holistic Coach and Energy Healer Leonie Lepenos in Berlin for you.
Be your own oracle! 

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